for the Genetic Age

Transforming Mental Health

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The major applications for human gene editing are life sciences and mental health.  With 1800 patents filed, 900 clinical trials underway and $25 billion dollars already invested, the low hanging fruit in life sciences is gone.  Since the life sciences sector is crowded, we have targeted the mental health side, which is virgin territory, and staked out the easiest applications with the largest volumes. 

The mental health field has five top issues which affect 80 million Americans: stress, anxiety, depression, dementia and inattention.  The United Nations estimates that mental health costs $600 billion annually, and these issues represent the lion’s share.

● Problem: Pharmaceutical drugs currently used to treat mental health issues, such as Prozac, Valium and Ritalin, often carry serious side effects which limit their use. 


● Solution: Our solution is to use an innovative approach – gene therapy – to treat mental health issues without side effects, allowing us to serve a larger market with more effective treatments.


● Scalability: Our Alzheimer’s treatment is just the beginning of a series of techniques that promise to revolutionize the treatment of mental health. We anticipate these mental health applications can generate $100 billion over a 10 year period in the US alone.


 Treatable Conditions:  Treatable mental health conditions include Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, mild cognitive impairment (MCI), stress, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and memory concerns.


●Positive Outcomes:  Cognitive enhancement can boost creativity, imagination, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, while raising conscious awareness, mental acuity, concentration, mindfulness, intuition, intelligence and emotional balance.  Treatments can also reduce inattention, distraction, craving and mind-wandering.