New Dementia Technology

A 21st Century Approach for Treating Alzheimer's Symptoms


Cognigenics aims to assist our aging population in maintaining mental acuity by mitigating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease to slow the progression of cognitive impairment and defend against cognitive decline.  The company will produce a safe and effective treatment for Alzheimer’s symptoms which sharpens clarity, focus and mental acuity, while alleviating stress, depression and anxiety. 



The company will achieve proof-of-concept quickly at minimum cost by leveraging the power of new, state-of-the-art technology.  A genetic engineering treatment for improving cognitive performance will generate consistent, reproducible effects across a wide population.



A gene therapy pill will bring patients effortlessly into a more relaxed and lucid state.   The treatment uses CRISPR to enhance cognition by reducing the excitability of certain neurons in the brain.  This change promotes the production of lower-frequency brainwaves which are experimentally correlated with relaxation and cognitive ability. 


Since gene therapies can precisely target neurons, they will not carry the side effects of monomolecular drugs (which are absorbed throughout the body).