To date, the pharmaceutical industry has focused on drug discovery for a cure, spending over $3.5 billion in Alzheimer’s R&D in the last 4 years with a 99.6% failure rate.  These kind of R&D results would be simply unthinkable in other industries. 


To put this outlay in perspective, $3.5 billion could build the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa - not once, but twice, with enough left over to buy a 200 foot megayacht and put 4,000 kids through college.


Perhaps the time has come to consider new approaches.  Symptomatic relievers represent a large opportunity to improve patients’ lives today while research for a cure continues. 

Our program targets symptomatic relief, which is orders of magnitude simpler than a cure.  Cognigenics’ innovative technology can raise quality of life for millions of Alzheimer’s patients and their families, while lowering society’s overall cost for elder care.  Results are achieved by optimizing neuron performance to enhance cognition using CRISPR.

Our novel treatment method is protected by multiple patents pending and holds the promise of significant rewards in a rapid development timeframe.  When the breakthrough in Alzheimer’s cure finally comes, Cognigenics’ research is fully transferrable for application to mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and other mental health applications.